Best way to stay organized

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Best Way to Stay Organized

How I keep life organized with a good planner | Pretty My Party

I’m the type of person who can’t live without a planner. Having a good planner is the best way to stay organized. I need my days planned out in order to be on time and productive. I also like to write down my daily and weekly goals and to-do list, so I can check them off the list as I get them accomplished. Not only are you more productive by writing down your to-do list and goals, but it also makes your work and home life less overwhelming. AT-A-GLANCE planners help me organize – through big life transitions like moving into my first home and fun adventures like taking a beach vacation with my family. It’s great for capturing all of life’s moments.

Every year, I purchase a new planner. There’s just something about a new planner and a new year that makes me so happy. It’s exciting to start a new year with new goals and a planner where you can organize your thoughts, activities, goals, etc. The new 2017 AT-A-GLANCE collections have fun, modern designs and various formats, so there’s one to fit everyone’s style and personality.

How I keep life organized with a good planner | Pretty My Party

We recently moved into our first home and it’s been quite the experience! Ever since we signed the papers for our new home, we’ve been doing one remodel project after another. Don’t get me wrong, I love home projects, but it can get quite overwhelming when you throw in full-time jobs, children, activities, holidays, and other life events. I knew that when we moved into our new home, I wanted to start remodeling right away. I have so many ideas for my home that I was anxious to start. Plus, I didn’t want to live in the house for years without doing anything. I’m also “that girl” who has a few major projects going on all at one time! Yes, I’m one of those people! I don’t plan it that way, it just happens! My AT-A-GLANCE planner helps me stay organized through all of my home renovations, appointments, etc. so I don’t miss a thing!

I love how AT-A-GLANCE planners include a monthly calendar and then breaks up each day with room to write specific things for specific days. I also love how the planner has motivating quotes and sayings for each year and each week throughout the planner to help keep you motivated.

Here are some other features that I like:

  • The large notebook size that’s perfect for students and bloggers.
  • A three-year reference calendar section in the front of the planner.
  • A notes and contacts section at the end of the planner.
  • Room for notes and ideas for each day.

How I keep life organized with a good planner | Pretty My Party

Now that I’m a mom, I not only have to keep track of my life, but I have to keep track of all of my son’s homework assignments, school activities, projects, baseball games and practices, birthday parties, etc. If I don’t write all of those things down, you can bet I will miss an event or be late to quite a few things. We can’t have that happen! AT-A-GLANCE planners are also great for bloggers like me! Having a second one on hand to schedule posts and features is definitely a must-have!

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