Baby Love Themed Baby Shower

 baby-love-baby-showerBaby Showers are just so much fun and full of wonderful anticipation! This sweet new baby is about to enter everyone’s lives and especially for the mommy-to-be, there is so much excitement and love! This particular baby shower was an incredibly sweet event. This soon-to-be mommy didn’t know if she was going to have a girl or a boy, so A Party Studio decided to keep everything gender neutral. When it comes down to it, there is so much love in a room during an event like this, so this Baby Love Themed Baby Shower seemed like a lovely theme for this little bundle of joy!

Baby-Love-Baby-Shower Baby-Shower-DetailsThe goal was to keep things uber elegant for this very classy mommy, so A Party Studio decided to go with a classic black and white color scheme and include touches of red for a pop of color. It also featured bold stripes, classic damask print and red hearts. What a lovely theme for any February baby, especially a Valentine’s Day one!  And it was a great way to keep the event gender neutral.  

Baby-Love-Cake-Pops Baby-Love-Shower-Cupcakes Baby-Love-Shower-TreatsThe dessert table featured gluten-free items, such as marshmallows, chocolate covered strawberries and fresh summer berries, since the mommy-to-be is on a gluten-free diet.  

Baby-Shower-Table Baby-Love-Shower-DessertsIt was absolutely gorgeous and the tablescape was immaculate! How could anyone not want to dig into the wonderful assortment of goodies?! A Party Studio did a great job in securing the perfect items that mom-to-be wanted and making it super elegant in the process!

Baby-Love-CupcakeAnd as luck would have it, a single gluten-free cupcake was secured for mom from Oh Snap! in Pensacola.

Baby-Love-Chocolate-BarsEveryone was also able to take home a personalized Hershey chocolate bar as a party favor. So cute!

Baby-Love-Shower-DrinksEven the drinks were adorned with lovely labels and straws with ribbons. How cute are the sweet milk jars for everyone to drink out of! What a wonderful touch to this sweet baby shower.

Baby-Shower-GamesOf course, no baby shower would be complete without a couple of fun games! The ladies played “Candy Bar Clues,” where the host created a board on which she attached various candy bars using Velcro. The board was placed at the front of the room so everyone could see it, and then she read a list of clues describing each stage of having a baby. The first guest to shout out the correct candy bar got to keep it! How fun!

Baby-Love-Bingo-GameThe ladies also played Baby Bingo, and while Mom opened up all of her lovely gifts, each guest checked off her items on a bingo sheet until someone finally called out the winning word …”BINGO!”

Baby-Love-Shower Baby-Love-DecorationsWhat a lovely event that this mommy will treasure for the rest of her life. There is nothing as precious as welcoming a first child into a family. What a great baby shower!

Credits & Resources
Printables and Styling – A Party Studio  //  Photography – All Things Great and Small Photography  //  Gluten-Free Cupcake – Oh Snap!
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