23 Best Baby Sprinkle Ideas (Sprinkles Theme)

Are you ready to sprinkle in the fun?! Welcoming a new baby is always a reason for celebration. If you’re looking for a fun baby shower theme for a second, third, or even a fourth child, consider a cute and colorful “sprinkle theme” baby sprinkle!

Unlike a traditional baby shower, a baby sprinkle is a lighter, more subdued affair, perfect for parents who already have most of what they need for a newborn.

The sprinkles theme can easily be tailored for a boy or a girl, so get ready to sprinkle in the fun with this adorable theme!

The sprinkle theme adds a playful twist to the celebration with invitations, decorations, cakes, favors, and more, all inspired by sprinkles! Here are 23 Best Baby Sprinkle Ideas you and your guests will love!

Baby Sprinkle Invitations

Adorable and minimalist baby sprinkle invitation

When you send out these colorful, sprinkle-packed invitations, you’re not just inviting your friends and family; you’re giving them a sneak peek of your adorable sprinkle theme. Imagine opening an invite that’s bursting with colors and playful sprinkle designs. It’s like a hint that this party will be all about joy, laughter, and tons of sprinkles.

Baby Sprinkle Invitation

Ready to sprinkle some excitement into your baby sprinkle? Think of these sprinkle-themed invites as the teaser to the main event. They’re your first chance to show off the playful, candy-coated world you’re creating to welcome the newest little member of your crew.

Each invitation is like a mini-celebration itself, decked out in vibrant colors and eye-catching sprinkle patterns that promise a party as fun and unique as the baby you’re celebrating.

Baby Sprinkle Guestbook

Baby sprinkle guestbook

Imagine walking into a sprinkle-themed baby sprinkle and being greeted by the most adorable guest book you’ve ever seen! This isn’t just any guest book; it’s a creative keepsake idea sprinkled with sweetness! Guests sign their names on a sprinkle, and the parents-to-be can keep it to cherish forever.

Baby Sprinkle Decorations

Sprinkle-filled vase with flowers - Best Baby Sprinkle Ideas

Imagine walking into a baby sprinkle and seeing the most vibrant, colorful flowers in vases filled with colorful sprinkles. These gorgeous centerpieces will highlight the tables, making everyone stop and admire. The colorful layers of sprinkles in the vases catch your eye, and the flowers on top add a perfect pop of color.

It’s a fun and unique way to decorate, perfectly matching the sprinkles theme. The combination of playful sprinkles and pretty flowers creates a beautiful and cheerful look, making every table a focal point.

DIY Baby Sprinkle Backdrop

Make an adorable balloon sprinkles photo backdrop like the one above here.

DIY sprinkles photo backdrop for a baby sprinkle

We love this DIY sprinkled-themed backdrop for a baby sprinkle using fabric and colorful balloons made to look like sprinkles. It’s like creating a big, happy wall that everyone will love to look at and take pictures in front of.

This backdrop is perfect for a baby sprinkle because it’s bright, joyful, and full of life, just like the celebration of a new baby. Plus, it’s a great spot for guests to take cute photos, making the celebration even more memorable.

DIY BABY sprinkles letter decoration

Let’s create some super cool DIY sprinkle letters that will add some fun to any baby sprinkle! This project is all about turning plain letters into colorful, sprinkle-covered masterpieces. Here’s how you can do it, step by step:

You’ll need:


  1. Lay out your tray or sheet of paper to catch any sprinkles that don’t stick to the letters. This makes cleanup easier.
  2. Use your paintbrush or sponge brush to cover one side of your cardboard letter with a generous layer of white glue or Mod Podge. Make sure it’s covered well so the sprinkles will stick!
  3. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle your sprinkles over the letter, covering all the glued areas. Don’t be shy; the more sprinkles, the better! You can gently press them into the glue to make sure they stick.
  4. Carefully shake off any excess sprinkles. Then, let your letter dry completely. This might take a few hours, so be patient!
  5. Once the first side is dry, flip your letter over and repeat the process on the other side, including the edges, to make sure your letter is fully covered in sprinkles.
  6. Once everything is dry and all sides are covered, your sprinkle letters are ready to shine! Set them up on your gift table or near your desserts for an eye-catching baby sprinkle decoration everyone will love.

There you have it! Your very own DIY sprinkle letters that are sure to be a hit at any party. Not only are they easy and fun to make, but they also add a personalized touch to your celebration.

Sprinkles balloons for a baby sprinkle

Sprinkle balloons are the perfect addition to a baby sprinkle, bringing a burst of color and joy to the celebration. These clear balloons, filled with colorful tissue paper sprinkles, create a magical atmosphere as they match the other sprinkle-themed decor and desserts.

The sight of these sprinkle-filled balloons brightens up the space and adds a unique and creative flair that guests will love. They perfectly match the theme of a baby sprinkle, emphasizing the sweetness and excitement of anticipating the baby’s arrival.

Sprinkle paper lantern decorations for a baby sprinkle

Sprinkle paper lanterns are a creative and delightful decoration that can add a whimsical touch to any baby sprinkle. Imagine hanging these lightweight lanterns above the party area, each one adorned with colorful sprinkle patterns that mimic the joyous and playful theme of the celebration. These sprinkle paper lanterns seamlessly blend with the sprinkle theme, reinforcing the idea of showering the mom-to-be and her little one with love and happiness.

Baby sprinkle plates and napkins

Sprinkled plates and napkins are a must-have for any sprinkle-themed baby sprinkle, adding an extra layer of fun and color to the celebration. These playful tableware options are adorned with bright, colorful sprinkle designs, turning every table into a vibrant display of joy.

Sprinkles table cover for a baby sprinkle

A sprinkles table cover is the ultimate base for setting up a festive and vibrant baby sprinkle party table. Cover your tables with this adorable table cover and instantly transform your party space into a sprinkles wonderland! The table cover, adorned with colorful sprinkle designs, adds a playful touch to your party design and table decor.

Sprinkles wall decal for baby sprinkle

Sprinkle wall decals are a fantastic way to add a dash of fun and creativity to your baby sprinkle decor. These self-adhesive decorations come in various colors, mimicking the look of actual sprinkles. You can stick them on walls to create a vibrant backdrop or spread them around the party area for a cohesive theme.

They’re incredibly versatile, allowing you to customize your space however you like, whether it’s creating patterns, spelling out names, or just scattering them like real sprinkles. Plus, they’re easy to apply and remove, making them a hassle-free option for sprucing up your party space without damaging the walls.

Sprinkled with love baby sprinkle banner

A sprinkled with love banner is the cherry on top for your baby sprinkle celebration. This adorable banner captures the essence of the event — showering mom-to-be and her little one with love and joy.

This banner is designed with glittery letters and sets a warm, inviting tone for the celebration. Hanging prominently over the party space or above the treat table, it is a beautiful focal point that ties the theme together.

Baby Sprinkle Food Ideas

Baby Sprinkle cake

Are you looking for a delicious cake recipe you can easily bake for your baby sprinkle? This vanilla sprinkles cake is the perfect dessert. Not only is it delicious, but it’s decorated with colorful sprinkles that match the theme perfectly!

Baby Bottle Cookies with Sprinkles - Best Baby Sprinkle Ideas

These baby bottle cookies with sprinkles are the perfect baby sprinkle dessert to add to your dessert table. You can easily make these adorable baby bottle sugar cookies to match a baby boy theme by changing the top to a blue or green icing.

Sprinkle Baby Shower Cake - Best Baby Sprinkle Ideas

Looking for the ultimate Sprinkle Baby Shower Cake?! Check out this beauty! We love the bottom layer of sprinkle with a matching BABY cake topper. Add a sweet bow for a girl for the perfect baby sprinkle cake!

Oreo sprinkle pops

There’s nothing more delicious than Oreo cookies dipped in chocolate and decorated with sprinkles. These Oreo Pops are easy to make and will be one of the first desserts to go at your baby sprinkle.

Pudding sprinkle cookies for a baby sprinkle

Who can resist these Sprinkle Pudding Cookies for a baby sprinkle?! They look so yummy and are a great addition to any baby sprinkle dessert station! 

Funfetti cake batter dip for a baby sprinkle

Have you ever tried Funfetti Cake Batter Dip before? It’s absolutely delicious, and if you’ve never tried it, a baby sprinkle is the perfect event to bring it to! It’s super easy to make, and everyone will love it. Add some animal cookies for dipping and you have yourself a quick and simple dessert for your celebration.

Mini funfetti cheesecakes for a baby sprinkle

These Mini Funfetti Cheesecakes are a must-have dessert for your shower. Not only are they festive, but they’re the perfect bite-sized dessert for your baby sprinkle.

White chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles for a baby sprinkle

Another fun and easy sweet treat for a baby sprinkle are these white chocolate dipped strawberries with sprinkles. They’re super quick and easy to make for any event, especially for a baby sprinkle.

Baby Sprinkle Favors

Sprinkle candle baby sprinkle favors

Sprinkle candle favors are a sweet and thoughtful way to thank your guests for joining in celebrating your baby sprinkle. These small, beautifully crafted candles, each embedded with colorful sprinkles gives these favors a unique and playful appearance.

These candles look adorable and serve as a lasting reminder of the joyous occasion, bringing a warm glow to any home. As guests light these sprinkle candles at home, they’ll be reminded of the special day and the upcoming arrival of the new baby. It’s a nice way to extend the sweetness of the baby sprinkle beyond the celebration.

Sprinkle heart baby sprinkle lollipop favors

Adding heart-shaped lollipops covered in colorful sprinkles as favors is a wonderful idea for your baby sprinkle. These lollipops are not only tasty but also look very pretty.

Giving them to your guests means they get to take home a small gift that reminds them of the fun time they had at your shower. It’s a simple way to make your baby sprinkle memorable and sweet for everyone.

If you’re looking for fun baby shower games and activities you can play at your baby sprinkle, check out these fun ideas!

Tell us your favorite Baby Sprinkle Ideas in the comments below!

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