13 Genius Party Hacks

It’s the season for entertaining and if you’re the hostess with the mostess then these 13 Genius Party Hacks are for you! Show your friends and family what an awesome hostess you are with these clever tricks!

13 Genius Party Hacks | Pretty My Party

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Frozen Water Balloons
Frozen Water Balloons to Keep Drinks Cold | Genius Party Hacks

Use some Frozen Water Balloons to keep your drinks cold.

Elevated Chip Bowl

DIY Elevated Chip Bowl | Genius Party Hacks

Add a martini glass to the center of your chip bowl like in this DIY Elevated Chip Bowl idea.

Condiment Organizer

Muffin Tin Condiment Organizer | Genius Party Hacks

This Muffin Tin Condiment Organizer is just the thing you need for your barbecue.

Sticky Fingers Station

Sticky Fingers Station | Genius Party Hacks

Why haven’t I ever thought about this Sticky Fingers Station for my parties?! What a great idea for children’s birthday parties too! You know there are a lot of sticky fingers at kid’s birthdays!

Ready Made Cocktails

Ready Made Cocktails in Mason Jars | Genius Party Hacks


Save some time and have some Ready Made Cocktails in Mason Jars on hand for your guests. GENIUS!

Colander Ice Bucket

Colander Ice Bucket | Genius Party Hacks

Let the ice drain in this Colander Ice Bucket idea.

Outdoor Paper Towel HolderOutdoor Paper Bowl Holder | Genius Party Hacks

This Paper Towel Stake Holder is pure genius! You can use this for any outdoor party or barbecue, or even while you and your family are camping!

Frozen Fruit for WineFrozen Fruit to keep wine cold | Genius Party Hacks

Keep your wine cold with frozen grapes!

Watermelon Fruit Bowl

Watermelon Fruit Bowl | Genius Party Hacks

We LOVE carving out a watermelon and using it as the fruit bowl! Check out these other amazing watermelon fruit bowl ideas.

DIY S’mores PotDIY S'mores Pots | Genius Party Hacks

There’s nothing better than your own personal DIY S’mores Pot! The kids will LOVE this idea!

Shower Cap Cooler

Shower Cap Cooler | Genius Party Hacks

Keep food cold with a shower cap … WHAT?! This is an awesome idea!

Veggie Dip Containers

Veggie Dip Containers | Genius Party Hacks

Use your peppers as Veggie Dip Containers for your veggie platter!

Melted Chocolate Hack

Melted Chocolate Hack | Genius Party Hacks

Are you having an ice cream party with a build your own ice cream station? Check out this Melted Chocolate Hack! This idea is also perfect for dipping strawberries, pretzels, etc. Guests will love this idea!

Which one of these 13 Genius Party Hacks are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! Do you have a party hack for us? Let us know below! For more party ideas, follow us on Instagram @prettymyparty and Pinterest and join us in our private Facebook group.

13 Genius Party Hacks | Pretty My Party




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