Fun & Creative Veggie Patch Birthday Party

veggie party 1This fun and creative Veggie Patch Birthday Party by Styled By Belle is a little gardener’s dream!

From Styled By Belle: “My son Aidan has a love of being outdoors, every opportunity he sees the back door unlock, he runs over and sneaks between my legs to get out there. We have a small little veggie patch that Aidan loves digging in and he enjoys watering the plants and picking fresh snow peas and strawberries and popping them straight in his mouth! When thinking of a theme for Aidan’s 4th party, I thought a little veggie patch theme would be just perfect for my little gardener! The invitation was a really cute little custom design seed packet that was sent to guests with some real seedlings to plant at home.”

“For the dessert table, I wanted to create a garden bed effect. I used wooden planks to build up my veggie patch around a trestle table and tiered it with a little picket fence. The bottom tier of the table I covered with crumbled up chocolate cake which looked like real dirt. I then “planted” rows of desserts that looked like vegetables – cabbage cake pops; snow pea, carrot, tomato & pumpkin macarons; cupcakes with mushroom, corn, snow pea & tomato toppers; little pots of green jelly with a garden frog on top; and pots of chocolate mousse cake with a sprig of fresh mint on top.”

“Continuing the healthy theme, I created a fresh ‘juice bar” where freshly squeezed fruit & vegetable juices were made for guests.”

“For the kids seating, I bought plastic terracotta pots and turned them upside down. I displayed flowers in watering cans and placed little tin buckets filled with wholesome snacks for the kids to munch on – cherry tomatoes, celery, carrot, cheese and cucumbers sticks. Lunch also included healthy food such as sushi and wholemeal sandwiches. So while we had lots of sweet treats on the dessert table (AKA “veggie patch”), the children also ate really well with healthy food and fresh juices.”

“For the activities, I hired in big wooden apple crates filled with dirt that the kids could dig and plant little flower pots each. Upon arrival, each guest received a little pot, apron I had printed with their names, little garden gloves, digging spade and fork. I also set up a scarecrow making craft activity and a game where kids threw balls at cans of vegetables to knock them down.”

“So while vegetables are not generally at the top of the list of favorite foods for kids …  Styled By Belle certainly made veggies cool for a day!”

veggie party 2veggie party 12veggie party 3veggie party 6veggie party 4veggie party 7veggie party 5veggie party 10veggie party 11Credits & Resources

Styling & Concept: Styled By Belle

Photography: Lee Bird Photography 

Invitation & Printables Design: Ham&Pea Design & Paperie

Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies, Cake Pops, Choc Mousse Mint Pots: Kiss My Cakes

Macarons: Macarahrah

Apple Crate Hire: Little Veggie Patch Co

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