Unicorn With a Mustache Party

unicorn10From Katie of Little Bird Celebrations: My middle child dared me to base his small party at home on the following theme:  a unicorn with a mustache that poops rainbows. As soon as the theme was announced, I received a drawing from a talented cousin who quickly created it using his cell phone! This is the image that I used for the invitations and various other parts of the party.

As guests arrived, they were asked to look the part by donning a unicorn horn and a mustache. (I threw some pink ones in as well as a special request from my dear daughter.) When I searched Etsy for unicorn with a mustache there were few results, with the exception of this adorable, handmade stuffed animal. Even cooler, the Etsy shop is owned by a 12-year-old girl that makes these cuties! I hung our new little mustached friend above the food/treat table along with some sky-themed tissue pom poms.

I also used some rainbow tissue pom poms in the other room. I figured it would be easy to just go with a rainbow theme and was lucky to find supplies such as napkins, plates, and mini rainbow cocktail forks at my local Target store. I stamped wooden dessert spoons with little mustaches and ordered some rainbow polka dot candy/nut cups to serve the rainbow sherbet in.

We set out individual bottles of colorful sodas like Jones and Izze donned with mustache drink markers so the kids would know whose drink was whose. We served rainbow-colored food including fruit loops and goldfish crackers. I made rainbow-colored kettle corn and served it in the old-fashioned looking popcorn machine that it was popped in. I used rolled up Doritos as “unicorn horns.”

For dessert, we made Unicorn Poop Cookies and instead of a traditional cake, I wanted to finally try out my Push Up Pops recipe book. So we made Rainbow Push Up Pops with bubble gum and cotton candy frosting.

For activities, I didn’t want to do a ton of pre-planned things since in the words of my son, he just wanted to “hang out.” But at the request of my party planning daughter, we did have “stick the mustache on the unicorn” using mustache magnets.

As additional time fillers, my eldest son helped me put together a playlist of their favorite You Tube viral videos including “Charlie the Unicorn,” “Nyan Cat,” “Tobuscus,” and “Llamas” with hats to play in various rooms. My kids are also obsessed with looking at memes, so we ran a slide show of memes such as “Grumpy Cat,” “Philosoraptor,” “Baby Godfather,” “LOL Cats” and “The Walking Dead.”

My birthday boy is quite the ham/performer so I thought it would be fun to collect photos to remember him and his guests by making a makeshift photo booth area. I hung crepe paper streamers to the wall and put out props like boas, big glasses, mustaches, hats and masks with a sign saying “I mustache you to pick some props and strike a pose.”

Guests hit the candy and treats table before their departure. They filled their candy bags with skittles, unicorn lollipops, mustaches, rainbow gumball tubes, colored licorice, sour gummy worms, unicorn stickers, mustache buttons, whoopie cushions and rainbow tears (a little capsule of rainbow glitter.)

Each guest also got a unicorn beanie baby, complete with a mustache of course!

unicorn4unicorn7unicorn3unicorn11unicorn8unicorn9unicorn2unicorn1unicorn14unicorn6unicorn5_edited-1unicorn13unicorn12Credits & Resources

Planning, styling and photography: Little Bird Celebrations

Magical Mustached Unicorn: Twelve Stitches

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  1. Lol, got to admire the kid that had this idea for a party! I loved it! Incredibly original and funny 🙂

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