Sweet Bird Themed 1st Birthday

bird1Claire’s first birthday party was sweet perfection, down to the last detail. The Sweet Bird Themed 1st Birthday included birds, and everything was adorably green and white with pink accents. Claire celebrated with family and friends at her home. Claire’s first year was displayed for guests to see where a mimosa bar was set up for the adults. The gold glitter cake toppers were the perfect compliment to the cake.

Credits & Resources

Photography: Emily Lapish Photography


  1. Hi Cristy,

    Where can I find the details of the your daughters bird themed party? I’m planning my daughters first birthday party and love the bird theme. Thank you for your help!

    Specially, where can I find:
    bird chalk labels (biscuit bar…)

    And what’s in the little brown bags?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Maddie,

      Sorry. This was my daughters party. And I just saw your comments. It’s probably too late, but just in case…
      I purchased the straws at Paper Source:

      I made the hat – you can download a party hat template and print on your home printer.

      The wooden birds were purchased from Michaels and spray painted with chalk paint.

      The little brown bags were coffee bags and contained either:
      this bird rattle for ages 1 and under – lovely etsy shop! (thewoodenhorse)

      or this bird whistle and a bottle of bubbles:

      hope this helps! happy party planning!

          1. Hi Jessica,

            The link to the pattern isnt available anymore. Do you have the guidelines that you think you will be able to post. I love them and am planning a bday party for my daughter’s first bday around the bird theme.
            – Deepti

  2. Jessica,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond!! I didn’t think of looking for a template.

  3. Hello, I realize this is late, but I'm doing a biscuit bar for a shower.  Can you tell me if you made the biscuits or if they were purchased (either fresh or frozen)?  They look perfect and I'm surely not a proficient enough baker to make them myself.  🙂

    Thank you!

    1. hi mary,

      the biscuit bar was a huge hit. i made most of the food items and wanted the biscuits to still be warm and soft so I actually just had a friend pick them up from bojangles. they were nice and warm when i put them out. i am sure any local bakery would make them for you though if you don't have a bojangles close by.




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