Pretty Mermaid Under the Sea Party


Debbie of Wants and Wishes styled this pretty and modern Mermaid Under the Sea party. She wanted to create a dessert table that would make guests feel like they were living a mermaid’s life on the ocean floor. The whimsical decor included colorful ‘seaweed’ strands and blue beads cascading down the walls, with a large starfish as the focal point. She accented everything with more glittery ‘seaweed’ and other ocean plants, along with schools of fish. She also designed a printable ‘Happy Birthday’ banner that was included in the decor.

For the sweets, Debbie made marshmallow octopus pops which were sitting on a bed of white sugar with a little cinnamon mixed in to make it look like sand. Mixed with the ‘sand’ were colorful chocolate non-perils. The mini cupcakes were also sprinkled with the white sugar and cinnamon mixture and topped with a colored chocolate seashell. For the cake, they mixed in different shades of blue and applied the frosting in a swirl pattern to make it look like the ocean waves. The cake was also topped with chocolate seashells and starfish. After marbleizing them, they dusted them with edible glitter. You can purchase the full printable collection in the Wants and Wishes Shop.



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