Party Feature: “Tea for 23” Birthday Party

teaparty14From Kayla v Photography: ‘Tea for 23’ was a tea party/birthday party for the talented Kristen Booth! All of the dresses you see in the photos are antique wedding dresses that were thrifted. They also thrifted a lot of the tea cups and china. The girls got their early and set up the tables, food and party arrangements. They had lavender cupcakes and lavender lemonade. The sandwiches were cut into the shape of crowns, and each girl got to pick their favorite tea cup. The ‘Tea Time’ sign was made by Kristen and her friends. They really got crafty and made this party very magical!
From the birthday girl: This party was the collaboration of all things that I love and adore. My full-time gig is fairytale wedding photography, so I am obsessed with all things whimsical and dreamy. I wanted my party to personify that … and of course I wanted it documented by an amazing photographer … which is why I chose Kayla!
Being a vintage hoarder really came in handy, when it came to planning this party. I am an avid thrifter (check out my thrifting instagram @onceuponathrift), so the majority of the decor is thrift store finds, with the exception of the lovely table and a few other things that I rented from Etablir shop. Even though I themed this completely around a “tea party,” there was actually no tea! A few of the girls were not big fans of tea and it would have been difficult to make fresh tea, while in the woods, so we opted for homemade lavender lemonade, which was deeeeeelicious! It was so yummy with the lavender cupcakes, funfetti cupcakes, lemon pastries, blueberry scones and light lunch.
For the favors, I gave each girl one of the teapot stamped muslin bags, which contained a bag of my favorite tea and each had a different necklace. This party was the grown-up version of everything I had dreamed of as a little girl. I truly felt like a princess and will never forget this special day with my best friends!

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Photography: Kayla v Photography

Birthday Girl:

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