My Favorite Things Party

Kylie of Made By A Princess, Parties In Style put together this fun and colorful My Favorite Things party for her girlfriends. She loved the idea of learning more about her friends and what they like. She told each them to bring 5 of their favorite things ($6 or less) and a favorite dish. Before the party, she asked them to send her their top 2-3 favorite songs, their favorite color and their favorite quote. The rainbow color palette represents all of the different colors they each like. Kylie designed the invitations with a poem on the front. She tied it all together with a rainbow ribbon. Rainbow tulle, tassel and garland gave the party a fun and colorful vibe. Kylie also did all of the DIY decor and made glitter wine glasses for each of her favorite people! The party was such a hit that Kylie says to stay tuned for a holiday edition!

Everyone had their own bag with their names on it. Before exchanging their favorite things, she had her guests fill out a little questionnaire.

As a party favor, Kylie made everyone a CD with two of everyone’s favorite songs.

Kylie also made little cards out of each their favorite quotes and used their favorite colors for the text. Whoever was up choosing their favorite things gift from the table had to find a quote and read it to the group. That person was next until everyone received a gift. Before each of the guests chose a name from the jar, everyone read five things from their favorite things list. “It was really neat learning things about each other, things that you should just know about a good girlfriend but never asked,” Kylie said.


Credits & Resources

Party Styling, Invitations and Party Decor: Kylie of Made By A Princess, Parties In Style // Straws: Crafts By Jilly

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