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rosetta-stone-reading-programEducation is extremely important in our family. I’ve always wanted to try Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading since our local schools use the program. Now my son is old enough for Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading, so we decided to give it a try. The program is designed to help children ages 3-7 get a jump-start on their education by developing core literacy skills in an engaging and effective way. My son loves to use the computer, so he was excited to try it. We used the program for a few weeks and my son quickly caught on and enjoyed playing the various games and levels with the fun interactive characters. We both really enjoyed interactive online learning with Rosetta Stone.

My son’s favorite game was the matching game. He would get so excited every time he got one right. He would say “Yay mommy, I did it!” We would high-five each other and celebrate his accomplishments. It really got him excited to learn and seeing my positive response and encouragement motivated him to keep going.

I believe that learning should be fun and interactive. Interactive online programs are the future of education and I believe kids have an easier time learning and paying attention when they are engaged and enjoying the learning process.

Developed by education experts, Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading introduces core reading skills in an engaging, self-paced interactive learning experience that is personalized for each child. Their products are designed to help kids become confident, successful readers – and develop a love of learning. The program helps with the following:

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension

Give your children the gift of learning with this free demo download here. Try it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

online-learning-toddlersOverall, I’m extremely happy with the program – and even better – my son loves it! We will continue with the program and will be trying other programs in the future. Have you tried Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you think your children would enjoy this type of learning? Let’s start a conversation below.


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