Ice Cream Party

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wet-nap-ice-cream-partyThe weekends are great because I get to spend time with my favorite person in the whole world – my son! He loves ice cream and sprinkles, so I decided we were going to have a little Ice Cream Party! Chocolate is our favorite flavor, so I headed to our local Walmart (because of their everyday low prices) and picked up some items for a mini ice cream bar: ice cream, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, and of course, whipped cream! Oh and I couldn’t forget the Wet-Naps! You know when a 3-year-old has ice cream it can get a bit messy! I also had a coupon for $.55 off. You can grab yours here while supplies last!

ice-cream-party-1He sure did enjoy his ice cream treat, so the mess was all worth it!

ice-cream-party-ideasHis favorite part was the sprinkles … and they were all over the house! I’m still finding them!

wet-nap-show-us-your-messes_edited-2 Good thing I’m teaching him well! He loves helping mommy clean up, so he went straight for the Wet-Naps and starting cleaning his hands and the table!

carter-wet-napsIt’s these little moments that are most important to me as a mom … a little ice cream party for 2!

carter-cleans-upWhat is your biggest mess?! Show us by entering the Wet-Nap’s Most Original Mess Contest. You can upload a photo entry of your messy kids and share the link across social media. The photo with the most votes wins a $1,000 gift card to Walmart and a year’s supply of product. Voting will close on June 16, 2014. You can see more at:


  1. What a fun and cute idea an Ice Cream Party for 2 your Son is just the sweetest. Such a cute little boy. Thank God for Wet Naps we love them!

  2. I sure could have used these this weekend when I stepped in icing…it was all up my pants and on my feet…good thing you have them handy!! Your son is adorable 🙂

  3. he is so adorable! we use them all the time when i am hosting parties because my son has allergies and i want everyone to wipe their hands all the time!

  4. I LOVE Wet-Nap! They are perfect for just about everything from sticky fingers to quick clean ups. Thanks for sharing… your little guy is cute!

  5. Such a fun idea! Even though my kids are a little older I still keep these in my purse because somehow they still manage to make a mess everywhere we go.

  6. Aww, such a fun idea! Now I’m craving ice cream…it’s never too late for ice cream!

    We never leave the house without wet wipes. With a toddler, it’s a necessity!

  7. Ice cream mess + happy kids = great childhood memories! But thank goodness for Wet Naps to make the mess all better 🙂

  8. He is soooo cute! And such a fun idea! I have Wet-Naps in the car and practically everywhere in this house. With three little ones, it is indispensable!

  9. So great that you’ve got a little helper! I’ve keep trying to get my dog to clean up messes, but she still hasn’t learned.

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