How to Create the Ultimate Candy Buffet


howtocandybuffetCandy Galaxy shows us how to create the ultimate candy buffet for your next wedding or event!

Building your own candy buffet is a sweet way to make your next event unique and special! From weddings to birthday parties, a well done candy buffet can add an irresistible dimension to any event. Yellow & Black have become increasingly popular over the last few years. So popular that Better Homes & Gardens featured it this year in its list of top wedding colors! And Huffington Post called it the “New Black and White.” Yellow and Black are elegant and classic, but give you a burst of excitement and color. Creating a yellow and black candy buffet can be the perfect way to add a dash of color to your next elegant event.

candybuffet1Presentation & Set Up

By far the two most common mistakes made by people setting up candy buffets are spreading the jars out too thinly on the table and not creating different height levels. As you can see in the buffet, we used three steps in the back of the buffet to create levels. By alternating short and tall jars and using books to elevate certain portions of the buffet you can create really interesting eye catching displays. You want to guide the guests’ eye to the center of the buffet. Always use relevant jars – I like to curve the jars inward towards a center. In the buffet you can see how all the jars sort of encircle the yogurt pretzels. Everything steps down and curves inward. The second common mistake is spreading jars to thinly. Seeing too much table is a candy buffet no no. Bring jars close together and it will look like there is more candy. You would think that spacing it out would have that effect, but a buffet that’s too spaced out winds up looking sparse and empty. Do yourself a favor and condense your jars into a tight space and add some variety of height.  

candybuffet2Candy Selection

Selecting your candy can be a daunting part of making a candy buffet. Fortunately, if you’ve already decided that your colors are yellow and black you’re already well on your way. Many websites offer candy by color selections. In the buffet here we used the following candy: Yellow Sixlets, White & Black Gumballs, Yellow & Black Jordan Almonds, Silver & White Almonds, Yellow & Black Jelly Bellies, Yellow Gumballs, Yellow Rock Candy, Yogurt Pretzels, Lemon Gummies, Yellow M&M’s, Banana Salt Water Taffy, White Rock Candy Crystals, Black Sixlets and Yellow & Black Whirly Pops. Here are some key tips to keep in mind when you select your candy.

1. Sugar candy is going to be your cheapest candy. Use it to fill the large jars. Taffy, Gumballs and Sixlets are all quite cheap per pound and look great filling up large jars. Usually between $2-4 per pound.  

2. Almonds and Yogurt Pretzels will probably be your next price level tier and are great for mid-sized jars. They will cost between $4-6 per pound.

3.  Jelly Belly’s, M&M’s and Whirly Pops are going to be your highest tier price bracket. Branded candy and chocolate fall into this group and usually cost between $7-12 per pound.  I tend to use these for the smaller jars, they look fantastic, but getting more than a few pounds can quickly push a buffet over budget.  

candybuffet3candybuffet5candybuffet6candybuffet7candybuffet9Candy Specifics

The most common question we receive is, “How much candy do I need for my candy buffet?” A good rule of thumb is to purchase 1/2 cup (4 oz) of candy per person. This is the perfect standard to ensure you have enough candy for your guests but don’t get stuck with leftovers. However, if you want to purchase large bulks for a grand display, consider providing goodie bags so your guest can take home some candy!

candybuffet11The Wrap-Up

Ultimately, it’s important to remember to have fun while assembling (and eating) your candy buffet! Don’t be afraid to be creative, as personalization and details are what bring the buffet to life. Just be certain to keep the theme of your party, our “candy specifics,” and creative ideas in mind as you plan your candy buffet, and we guarantee that your guests will enjoy their sweet treats!

candybuffet10 copy

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