Heart Shaped Valentine Crayons


There’s one month until Valentine’s Day and you may be thinking about what you’re going to give your classmates and friends. These Heart Shaped Valentine Crayons from Melissa of The Joys of Home Educating are the perfect gift and may not even cost you a penny! They are so simple and easy to make. It’s even a fun little project that you can do with your kids for their friends at school. First, place your broken crayons into silicone cupcake trays and put the oven at 250 degrees for about 15 minutes. That’s it! Then you can place them in individual bags and add a cute favor tag or ribbon!

school and heart crayons
school and heart crayons 002
school and heart crayons 009
school and heart crayons 014
school and heart crayons 026
school and heart crayons

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