Fun Scottsdale Engagement Shoot

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From Melvin Gilbert Photography: Old Town Scottsdale was brought to life as I joined Heather and Ryan for their engagement session. These two were amazing and so fun to be around! You know those kind of people who just have a wonderful personality and love to enjoy life? Well that’s how they both were and their relationship was remarkable because of it! Sharing kisses and endless smiles, I couldn’t believe how perfect they looked together! Learning about the wonderful stories behind the couples I work with is one of my favorite parts of my job. Heather and Ryan are both from different places. Heather is from Phoenix, AZ and Ryan is from Dallas, TX. They met while going to school in Arizona. Sitting next to each other in their music history class, it wasn’t long before they felt that tug of attraction. Having a love for dogs, and even adopting one together after 6 months of dating, these two love going out together and have similar goals with their driven careers. Ryan came up with a wonderful surprise for his proposal. He told Heather they were going to visit a new dog park with their dog, Ellie. After walking around for a while with their dog, Ryan eventually pulled out the ring, bent down on one knee, and proposed to her in the park. Saying yes, Heather was surprised again when they moved into their new apartment and saw photos of their engagement in the park framed inside their new place. Ryan had hired a secret photographer who captured every moment of the proposal!

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Photographer: Melvin Gilbert Photography

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