8 Fun End of School Year Party Ideas

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Fun End of School Year Party Ideas | Pretty My Party

The school year is almost complete for kids all over and that means it is time to celebrate and have some fun! Check out these 8 Fun End of School Year Party Ideas! Nothing is quite as fun as throwing a little end of school year party with your mommy friends to celebrate the end of another milestone. And we all know how excited and pumped up the kids are to start their summer vacation, so why not create the ultimate way to welcome them to summer! Even better? Have it be a surprise to all of the kids! These ideas are sure to be winners for kids and parents alike!

1. Backyard BBQ

Nothing screams summer like a little Backyard BBQ fun! If you want to focus more on fun activities for the kids, make it a potluck and ask everyone to bring a little something. Think hot dogs, fruit, veggies, chips, cookies, etc. Easy peasy! Another fun addition would be to serve different food that might be available in sand pails! That way, you aren’t going to be slaving away in the kitchen and an easy meal and snacks will be ready to go for everyone in no time!

2. Minute To Win It Games

Kids absolutely love playing games, especially when they get to finally spend some significant time outside after getting out of the classroom and the weather is finally cooperating. Looking for some easy and fun games for everyone to play? Take a peek at these 15 Minute to Win It Games over at Hative! So many of these games are played with things you can find around the house. Or, make a quick stop at the Dollar Store and you’re all set! Kids love the fun and chaos that minute to win it games bring and everyone is going to get a laugh over these crazy challenges!

3. Summertime Bingo

Need to get the kiddos to start winding down after the crazy fun of games where everyone was running around? How about a fun game of Summertime Bingo?! Head over to Teaching With Simplicity to download your FREE bingo printables and you’ll be all set to go! Want to add even more fun to the game? Have the kids use small pieces of candy (like Starburst) for their game pieces! Let’s see what is more important to them… eating some candy or winning the game!

4. Welcome To Summer Banner

Have all of the little ones who may be home to help color or paint in the words for a “welcome to summer” banner while the older kids are off at school. By the time all of the big kids get home from their last day of school, the banner will be ready for everyone to run through! It’s the school kids’ own little finish line to the end of another successful school year!

5. Bubble Station

What could be more fun at the end of the school year than getting crazy in the backyard or a park with some bubbles! What a great thing to add to any End of School Year Party. The Dollar Store always has cheap bubble bottles that you can purchase for all of the kiddos, but why not jazz it up for the last day of school? Create an entire bubble station, and make your own bubbles with this great recipe over at Come Together Kids! Use a large drink container where all of the kids can quickly refill when needed and let them go wild with all of the bubbles they can handle in cleaned out yogurt cups. La-La’s Home Daycare has all of the details to create your own DIY dispensers where the kids will go wild!

6. Photo Booth Fun

What a great way to capture memories that will last your kids a lifetime. We all know how special these times are and how fleeting the time truly goes, so why not create a fun photo booth that all of the kids will love and be able to look at for years to come! Create your own DIY Photo Booth with help from The Pinning Mama and be ready for whatever may come your way at the End of School Year Party! It’s an easy, affordable and FUN way for the kids to let out all of the goofiness that the freedom of summer brings. And we love how you can personalize different accessories that you may decide to make for your photo booth. So fun!

7. Ice Cream Party

What would an End of School Year party be without any ice cream? Serve it up in a DIY Sundae style with a fun ice cream sundae bar, or do something even more unique by serving ice cream cone cupcakes! Get the recipe and details over at Cake Central, but we promise you they definitely won’t disappoint! Better yet, these ice cream cone cupcakes can have ice cream added to them later, which makes the transport easy breezy. What a great item to TAKE to an end of the school year party!

8. Drive-In Movie

Ahhhhh…. nothing says relaxation and summer fun quite like a movie at the drive-in. Don’t have one around you? Make one and turn it into an end of school year party for the kids! Head over to This Old House for all of the details on how to create your own DIY drive-in movie party. How much fun will the kids have spread out on a blanket in the backyard enjoying a favorite movie together to celebrate the end of another school year! Inch Mark has details on how to create the perfect “screen” out of an old sheet and Do It And How will walk you through making everyone their very own card board box cars. How fantastic!

Do you have any end of school year party ideas that you’re dying to try? We would love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

End of School Year Party Ideas | Pretty My Party

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