Fun DIY Envelope


Ariel of Until Next Time Notes is here today sharing this creative gift DIY idea! This Fun DIY Envelope is the perfect way to add your artistic touch to any gift! Grab some fun washi tape and water colors and dress up an envelope that you can match to your gift wrap. Any gift recipient will be excited to receive such a creative and stylish gift like this one!

1. Gather material: envelope, washi tape, gift wrap, and water colors.
envelope-diy-22. Stick washi tape to envelope in your desired pattern.
3. Use water colors to add a pop of color to the envelope in your desired pattern.
4. Set aside envelope to dry.
5. Assemble gift.
6. Attach card to outside of present to add a little extra jazz to your gift! 
What an easy and fun DIY that anyone can do to add some fun creativity to your gifts!


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  1. Welcome Ariel! Look forward to your contributions to Pretty My Party’s Blog loved this one so elegant and easy!

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