Florida Engagement Session


From Brandi of Brandi Image Photography: Megan and Brandon wanted something as unique and glamorous as they are! When she found the breathtaking beauty of the Faith Mansion, she was hooked! They are so sweet on each other and so much in love, we didn’t have to pose anything! Between their love, the grounds, and the incredible light, we had a blast and I love the look of their session! Oh, and her ring is absolutely stunning!

Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_MB_low Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_77A0038_low Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_77A9674_low Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_77A9701_low Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_77A9835_low Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_77A9875_low Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_77A9902_low Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_77A9927_low Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_77A9941_low
Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_77A9943_low Beaulieu_Robinson_Brandi_Image_Photography_77A9973_low

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