Fifty Shades of Grey Birthday Party

What else would a single 20-something gal want on her birthday other than a Fifty Shades of Grey Birthday Party with her closest friends? I know, I know, pretty sure a “real life Christian Grey” would be at the top of that list but lets face it ladies, he’s fictional (insert loud sob here!). So, you do the next best thing … let your Inner Goddess out to play and have some fun with all of Mr. Grey’s “50 shades” while enjoying the company of your best friends. And that’s just what this birthday girl did …

Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-Birthday-PartyAfter being obsessed with this trilogy and longing for more after finishing the books, it was quite easy for Ashley Deoleo of Sole Luxe Events to gather up ideas and run with this theme! First and foremost, she knew everything would be GRAY, lots & lots of gray, silver, metals & etc. The best part was being able to mix and match all the different “shades” of gray and not have to worry about them matching exactly. There also had to be a bit of “bling” to give it that wow-factor and this is where the glitter fun came to play! 

Fifty-Shades-Cake-PopsGlitter was used everywhere possible, from glittered frames, chinese take out boxes, hand clappers to even the cake pops! It added that sparkle to catch your eye and the femininity desired. Starting with the invitations, guests needed to feel the “glam” of the event (sort of like the ridiculous amounts of money Mr. Grey has! Haha). The invitations, made by Le Petit Papier by Monica, were an amazing 3D silver boxed invite.  How original!  
The outside of the box was wrapped with a black satin ribbon down the middle where it met with a quote from the book regarding Anastasia’s “Inner Goddess”, along with a pair of gun-metal handcuffs. Once opened, you were directed to the 3D cutouts of the cake made up of different shades of gray glitter, black and white glittered card stock and a white glittered mask with a matching white feather. The event information was adorned with silver metallic paper, textured gray card stock and a hint of red in the font. Monica had the most amazing idea ever, in incorporating the typewriter-like font from the book in both the invite and menu.
For the menus, they wanted to keep the same look and make sure it all stayed cohesive. The menu started off with an enticing line, saying; “Mr. Grey prefers brunettes who like to eat …” and then listed all the delicious food! Risque, ladies!
It was coincidental, but the venue worked out great with this theme. The guest would take an ELEVATOR (yes, an elevator!) up to “Escala” where they arrived to an entrance table with a sign saying “What is it about elevators?”.
Shades-of-Gray-Food Fifty-Shades-Party-Food
Guest enjoyed appetizers such as “Bow TIE ME UP pasta salad”, “Spinach & Arti-CHOKE Dip” and “BENWA MeatBALLS”. For beverages, guest could choose between “TWINNINGS Iced TEA” or “SUBMISSIVE Sangria”.
Fifty-Shakes-Party-Cake-Pops Fifty-Shades-Cookies
One of the favorite parts was the gorgeous dessert table & coming up with all the fun names that were made up of “RED ROOM OF PAIN Velvet Cake Pops”, “VANILLA SEX cake pops”, “SOFT LIMIT Sugar Cookies”, “HARD LIMIT Chocolate Handcuffs” & “FORBIDDEN Fruit” all tied in with a “Guilty Pleasures” sign.
Since the dessert station served as the main table, the cake  was placed in the middle as the center of attention. The cake done by Ashley of Simply Sucré, was not only beautiful, but just as delicious!
For the cake, Sole Luxe Events wanted to incorporate the three main “symbols” from all the books; the tie, mask & handcuffs. The cake began with a glittered gray mask (just like Anastasia’s) on the very top. For the first layer, there was a bit of contrast and the thought was the black & white stripes would symbolize the very unforgettable piano from the book! Then of course, the second layer was a ruffled ombre look in different shades of gray. The inside of the cake was 3 layers of ombre as well. The cake was finished with gray and silver details such as handcuffs and the infamous gray tie.  Other great desserts dressed up the dessert table, as well!  Chocolate handcuffs were provided by Sue’s Sweet Shop, along with Cake Pops, chocolate covered strawberries & sugar cookies made by Baked with Love by Vanessa.  Delicious!
Fifty-Shades-Ice-Cream-Details Fifty-Shades Birthday-Party-Ice-Cream
As an element of surprise, there was a “Vanilla” Ice Cream Sundae Bar for the guests. Here they were able to create their own sundaes using “S&M” (Sprinkles & M&Ms, which were gray of course!), “WHIPPED cream”, FORBIDDEN fudge” and “CHARLIE TANGO Cherrys”. Along with these yummy toppings were framed quotes from the book where they talked about ice cream, cherrys & hot fudge! YUM!
Another mini surprise for the guest was a little photobooth fun. There were tons of props made for the theme where each guest could take pictures and just be silly!
Last but not least, each guest was given a goodie bag before they left, with quite a few more surprises inside. This favor box has to be, by far, one of the favorites of the night. Much thought and creativity was put into it to be able to “tie it all” together in the end. Each goodie bag was a silver glittered chinese take out box, which enclosed the following:
  • A lip gloss tied to a mock email from Christian himself
  • A bag of Twinnings Breakfast Tea (Just like Anastasia’s favorite!)
  • Nail Polishes from The Polish Boutique, all with names matching the theme (such as “All tied up”, “Guilty Pleasures”, “Masquerade Belle”)
  • A masquerade ring
  • Massage oil
  • Sweets such as Twizzlers, Suggar Daddy and Now & Laters

Fifty-Shades-Thank-YouAll sealed with a “Laters Baby” thank you sticker. One of the favorite things was coming up with a little poem to explain each favor! The purpose of the favors (besides being fun!) was to encourage the girls to embrace & let out their “Inner Goddess” to play!

Fifty-Shades-Party-FavorsAnother little favor the guests got to take with them were glittered hand clappers that were renamed and decided to use as “twitchy palms”!! All these fun favors sat neatly in front of a DIY gray ombre backdrop made by Olivia (Cookie) Trigo.

Fifty-Shades-Birthday-GirlIt was SO much fun planning this event and being able to run free with ideas. It was great to have such a fresh theme, that hadn’t been done! All the vendors contributed so much and it definitely couldn’t have been done without them! And of course … A big thank you to E.L James for writing such an enjoyable & different novel that inspired everyone to run a little wild with the mindset of what all girls really want … Fifty shades of fun & fabulous!

Credits & Resources
Event Styling, Design, and Coordination: Ashley Deoleo of Sole Luxe Events  //  Photography: Unique Design Studios  //  Cookie fondant topper: Goodies by Melissa  //  Birthday Cake: Simply Sucré  //  Invitations, menus, banner & goodie bag labels: Le Petit Papier by Monica  //  Cake Pops, chocolate covered strawberries & sugar cookies: Baked with Love by Vanessa at  //  Chocolate handcuffs: Sue’s Sweet Shop  //  Nail Polish favors: The Polish Boutique  //  DIY grey ombre backdrop – Olivia Trigo
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