DIY Valentine’s Day Treats

diy valentine treats 3Does your sweetheart have a sweet tooth?! Are you looking for a homemade gift that your Valentine will really enjoy?! The Milk Shake Factory’s newest product Snappers are the perfect sweet gift that you can personalize for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Below are some fun and easy DIY Valentine’s Day treats using Snappers from The Milk Shake Factory. Snappers are available at Costco or

Melt 3 oz. of milk and white chocolate in 2 separate sauce pans
Once melted, dip 6 Snappers in alternating chocolate and decorate freely using various toppings including red and pink sprinkles, sanding sugar and candied hearts
After decorating, allow the chocolate to dry for 10 minutes
While drying, line a chocolate box large enough for 6 Snappers with red tissue paper
Once dry, set each in a cupcake liner and place into the box to resemble a box of chocolates
Romantic DIY Holiday Treats from The Milk Shake Factory

diy valentine treats 2CONVERSATION HEARTS:
Melt 2 oz. of white chocolate in a saucepan; use green and red food dye to color chocolate
Dip a Snapper into each colored chocolate and allow 5 minutes to dry
Fill a piping bag with red-colored and/or white icing and write a message of your choice on each Snapper
Allow 10 minutes to set and dry

diy valentine treats 1CHOCOLATE COVERED BARK:
Melt 1 lb. of white chocolate over low heat in a double boiler, stirring frequently
In a separate saucepan, melt 1 oz. of dark or milk chocolate
While chocolate is melting, chop a cup of Snappers into bite-size pieces
Pour melted white chocolate onto a sheet pan lined with parchment or wax paper and use a spatula to spread evenly
Sprinkle the chopped Snappers over the white chocolate
Use a piping bag or spoon to drizzle lines of dark or milk chocolate across the bark and before chocolate dries, decorate with pink and red sprinkles
Allow to dry completely and then break into uneven pieces and enjoy!

Melt 2oz of dark, milk, or white chocolate in a saucepan over low heat
Dip strawberry in chocolate and remove excess chocolate
Place the strawberry onto the Snapper base
Dust with red, pink, and white sprinkles
Allow to dry completely

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