DIY Gingerbread House Kit Gift Idea

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tic-tac-gingerbread-house-giftThis year is the first year my son is really getting into the spirit of the holidays. I have a few fun and festive activities planned for him, including making gingerbread houses. Tic Tac® is a favorite candy of his, so I decided to put together a fun DIY Gingerbread House Kit Gift Idea! This is a fun and frugal gift idea for kids and kids at heart! Get the family together and make some fun holiday memories building your very own gingerbread houses made with Tic Tac® mints. Tic Tac® candy cane mints tastes just like a normal candy cane without the mess! Everyone will have a blast putting them together! 

holiday-gift-ideaholiday-tic-tacs-socking-stuffersTic Tac® recently introduced 2 new flavors – Candy Cane and Cherry Apple Twist. They are the perfect candy to include on your gingerbread houses this holiday because well … they make the cutest lights on the house of course! 

candy-cane-tic-tacsSome other things you can include in your gingerbread house kit are graham crackers, vanilla frosting, paper straws to line your house, fake snow, Christmas tree decorations, etc. What you include in your kit really just depends on how elaborate you want your gingerbread house and winter scene to be! It also depends on if you are going to eat it or not. Don’t include the fake snow or straws if you plan on eating your gingerbread house. In our house, we do our gingerbread houses for show and bragging rights, so we use both edible and non-edible details. You can also use the white Tic Tac® mints as snow around your gingerbread house!

christmas-gift-ideaI found a festive red and green basket to hold all of the contents of the gingerbread house kit. Add some red paper shreds, a holiday card or gift tag, and you have yourself a fun DIY gift idea for the holidays!

DIY-holiday-gift-ideaThese gingerbread house kits would also make a great holiday gift for classmates. You can even make mini kits for the kids depending on how many are in the class.


tic-tac-gingerbread-house-giftDo you have a tradition  of building gingerbread houses during the holidays? Have you used Tic Tac® mints on your gingerbread houses? Let us know in the comments below!

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We’re LOVING this Tic Tac® inspired gingerbread house idea here! What do you think?


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