DIY Birthday Party Hat Tutorial

diy-birthday-party-hat-how-toNgoc of Skybox Event Productions is sharing her DIY birthday party hat tutorial today! The things that make an event special and successful are the little details. The hand-placed sticker on the invitation, to the paper straws placed in every guest’s drink, that extra attention to detail is what wows your guests! For a 1st Birthday party, the cuteness level is already at an all-time high. But, there is one way to make sure that your cute factor skyrockets, and that is a custom paper hat! These cute little throwback paper party hats not only look super adorable on the kids, but also as decoration and as accents in photos! In the post, I will explain to you the simple and quick steps to creating your own! 

Supplies and Tools Needed for Party Hat:
  • Party Hat Printout (3 examples below)
  • Elastic string (the more colorful the better)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Paper Scorer
  • Hot glue gun
  • Extras!
    • Mini pom-poms
    • Glitter
    • Stickers
    • Etc. 

diy-part-hat-tutorial-1Step 1: Print party hat template or create your own design. Cut along black line. Below are 3 different designs from Happy Confetti.


how-to-make-a-party-hatStep 2: Fold hat up and make sure the insert tab is secure with tape. Use paper scorer to secure tape.

party-hat-craft-tutorialStep 3: Using mini hole puncher, punch hole on each side of the hat.

diy-birthday-hatStep 4: Pull electric string through each hole and tie knot to secure in place.

birthday-party-hat-craftStep 5: Glue pom-poms around the bottom edge to make a border and around the top.

boys-birthday-party-hatStep 6: Use any of the extras that you have to customize it to the personality of the kids.  

party-hats-tutorialThe creative possibilities are endless! See the adorable DIY party hats and full party feature: “Boys Will Be Boys 1st Birthday Party” from Skybox Event Productions. Share your designs in the comments! 

Credits & Resources

Photography: Judy and Gavin Photography

DIY Tutorial: Ngoc of Skybox Event Productions

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