Co-ed Nautical Baby Shower

Julie Ann, Wedding PhotographerFrom Julie Anne, Wedding Photographer: We all know throwing a baby shower in someone’s home can be more relaxing but the issue of décor does present itself as tricky. But what do you do when the guest of honor is the premier wedding planner in the Florida Keys? A woman who eats, sleeps, and breathes events and details? Luckily for Kelly Fowler of Just Save the Date in Key West, two of her closest friends, Christy and Julie Anne, are talented photographers and quite artsy. For Kelly’s shower, the godparents-to-be opened up their Orlando home for us to create a very comfy and intimate co-ed shower. Keeping with the parents-to-be’s theme for the baby’s room, we chose a Co-ed Nautical Baby Shower to celebrate.

Julie Anne used her keen Photoshop skills to design invitations and signage to set the tone for the affair. Her favorite addition to the shower was her super fun “Fowler Fish Farm” goldfish bar. She wanted to give the guests something fun to snack on while the parents-to-be opened gifts. When throwing a shower in a home, it is best to try to keep the décor simple and highlight a few key areas so you don’t clash with the home’s interior. Christy was in charge of the overall coordination of the event décor and creating the fun maritime menu. From the red and white bobbers in the punch to the red pepper topped crab dip, Christy dotted her I’s and crossed her T’s. Her dessert setup included delicious cake pops, a fun captain’s wheel cake, and mini-sailboat cookies. Luckily,  I Do Linens in Atlanta had the perfect navy/white chevron and red/white striped linens that helped us complete our nautical feel. Tablescapes to Go finished off the table décor with their beautiful white plates and vintage blue sea-glass cups. Overall, our proud mama-to-be was overjoyed with all of the décor and admitted to not being able to do it any better! We loved everything about this shower and how the father-to-be was included. We can’t wait for little Jameson to arrive in October!

Julie Ann, Wedding Photographer

Julie Ann, Wedding PhotographerJulie Ann, Wedding PhotographerJulie Ann, Wedding PhotographerJulie Ann, Wedding Photographer

Julie Ann, Wedding Photographer

Julie Ann, Wedding Photographernauticalbabyshower14Julie Ann, Wedding Photographernauticalbabyshower17nauticalbabyshower11Julie Ann, Wedding PhotographerJulie Ann, Wedding Photographernauticalbabyshower12Julie Ann, Wedding PhotographerCredits & Resources

Cake and Cake Pops : Sweet as Sugar

Sailboat cookies: Cookie Creations of Atlanta

Linens: I Do Linens

Plates, Napkins, Cups: Tablescapes to Go

Menu and Décor: Christy, Christy Ofria Photography

Invitations, Signage, Guest Book, Photography: Julie Anne, Wedding Photographer

Event Planner: Just Save the Date


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