Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Romance. Classic. Iconic. What binds these things together? Tiffany & Co! Every girl’s dream, especially Audrey Hepburn as Holly in one of the all-time favorite movies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s! This party was an absolute honor to style for Isabel’s Confetti as she is a huge fan, herself! You know it’s going to be a great event when you’re incorporate such a wonderful theme like Tiffany & Company into the mix!

tiffany-and-company-themed-partyThe gorgeous Tiffany & Co. dessert table was so stylish and perfect. And would you believe this event was on Audrey Hepburn’s birthday?!  It was meant to be! No Cracker Jack rings here! Only pure style and class! That is what you get with a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme!

tiffanys-printables Tiffany-wrapperThis party was held in Australia at the Grand Roxy Reception Hall. The themed colors, Tiffany Blue, White, and Black were a MUST and set the mood for the event right from the start. Everyone can correlate these colors to Tiffany & Co. standard blue boxes and it was quite a hit! Ham & Pea took care of all of the design printing and it truly made the event come to life!

tiffany-tablescapeThe client was looking for something simple, yet elegant, so the first thing that popped into the mind of Isabel’s confetti when doing this theme was to make the dessert table feel like it was a vintage boutique store. Therefore, a stunning black and white striped canopy was designed, which made the themed colors in all of the desserts and lollies really stand out, as well. 

tiffanys-partyEach person also was presented with little black bags, so they were able to take some of the delicious treats home, as well! That is just brilliant! 

tiffany-cupcake Tiffany-themed-cupcakes tiffany-cakeThe dessert table was just simply breathtaking! There was a bridal show cake, cupcakes, delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries, macarons, and lots of yummy lollies, too! It was by far the highlight and had people talking for days!

Tiffany-Macaroons Tiffany-desserts Tiffany-BowThere were plenty of treats on-hand and everyone enjoyed the wonderful themed dessert table with tons of yummy options to choose from.

Tiffany-Party-ThemeI feel like “Moon River” should be playing in the background with a star-studded fade-out, as Holly is window-shopping outside of Tiffany & Co. while munching on her Danish pastry! After all, as she says, “I am a very stylish girl”!

Credits & Resources

Styling – Isabel’s confetti  //  Photography – Isabel’s Confetti  //  Design Printing – Ham & Pea  //  Strawberries – Strawberries & Co.  //  Cake, Cupcake and Macaroons were Client Provided

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