Best Bridgerton Party Ideas

Step into the opulent world of Netflix’s “Bridgerton” with the best party ideas that are all about elegance and charm. Whether you’re celebrating a bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower, bachelorette party, or wedding, a Bridgerton-themed party promises to be enchanting.

Here’s your ultimate guide to creating an unforgettable event, packed with Bridgerton party ideas, from decorations and food to games and attire. Let’s start planning!

The Best Bridgerton Party and Shower Ideas - food, decor, tablescapes, favors, games, and more on

What is a Bridgerton party?

A Bridgerton party is a themed event inspired by the hit Netflix series Bridgerton, which is set in the Regency era of early 19th-century England. The goal of a Bridgerton-themed event is to recreate the elegance, glamour, and social intricacies depicted in the show.

Bridgerton party ideas

Elegant invitations

Set the tone for your Bridgerton-inspired event with elegant invitations that transport your guests to the Regency era. Choose luxurious cardstock in soft pastels or rich jewel tones adorned with delicate floral motifs and gold foil accents. Opt for elegant calligraphy or vintage-style fonts for the text, inviting guests to join “the pleasure of your company” at a grand soirée.

Include wax seals with intricate designs for an extra touch of sophistication. Remember to mention the dress code and encourage guests to don their finest Regency attire.

Bridgerton Invitation Suite

Choose a stunning Bridgerton-inspired invitation suite in regal purple and gold to set a luxurious tone for your event.

Bridgerton Bridal Shower Invitation

This purple and pink floral invite with gold lettering will enchant your guests and hint at the elegance of your Bridgerton-themed bridal shower!

Bridgerton Birthday Invitation

Choose a charming pink floral tea-inspired birthday invitation to set a delightful tone for your upcoming celebration.

Regency-era outfits

Enter the world of Regency-era fashion to create the perfect Bridgerton-inspired look for your party! For the ladies, think empire waist gowns in pastel shades with lace and intricate embroidery. Add elbow-length gloves, sparkling tiaras or hairpins, delicate jewelry, and elegant shawls to complete your party look.

Bridgerton party outfit ideas

Bridgerton party dress and gloves

Men can sport tailcoats, high-collared shirts with cravats, and fitted trousers. Finish the look with polished dress shoes and a stylish top hat. With these Regency-era outfits, you’ll capture the elegance and charm of Bridgerton, making your event truly unforgettable!

Regency-era tablescape

Transform your party table into a scene straight out of Bridgerton with an enchanting Regency-era tablescape. Start with an elegant lace or embroidered tablecloth in pastel hues. Add some table dimension with fine china, vintage glassware, and ornate silverware.

Bridgerton party table

Bridgerton Party Table

Add opulence to your tables with gilded candlesticks, romantic floral arrangements in silver or gold vases, and pearl or crystal accents. For that extra touch of sophistication, include personalized place cards with calligraphy. With these elements, your guests will feel like they’ve stepped into the grandeur of a Bridgerton ball!

Bridgerton party table ideas

Create a Bridgerton-inspired tablescape like the one above that exudes elegance and charm with a stunning display of gorgeous florals, vintage dinnerware, and sophisticated accents.

Use vintage dinnerware with delicate patterns and polished silverware that glimmers under the light. Add crystal glasses and charming teacups for a touch of Regency-era refinement.

Bridgerton party details - gorgeous flowers and chandeliers hanging above the table

Complete the enchanting look with crystal chandeliers hanging above the table.

Bridgerton Party Place Setting

Style a gorgeous table setting like this one for each of your guests.

Bridgerton inspired party decor

Bridgerton-inspired decor


Bridgerton-inspired floral decor for a party, shower, or wedding

Elevate your Bridgerton party with enchanting floral decor at your entrance or in an area designated for photos. Get inspired by this gorgeous grand archway adorned with lush roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. This stunning display sets the tone for the evening and provides a picture-perfect backdrop for memorable photos.

Regency-era music

Set the tone with classical music by Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn. Or mix it up with the Bridgerton soundtrack, featuring classical versions of modern hits.

Culinary delights

No Bridgerton party is complete without a menu fit for society’s elite.

Bridgerton-inspired party food

Bridgerton-inspired food

Serve finger sandwiches, clotted cream and jam scones, and assorted pastries. Pair them with fine teas in vintage teapots.

Bridgerton party dessert table

Create a show-stopping dessert table for your Bridgerton party that’s sure to impress! Decorate the table with elegant tiered dessert stands and vintage platters, showcasing an array of delectable treats like dainty macarons, lavender-infused cupcakes, and Bridgerton-themed sugar cookies.

Bridgerton party desserts

Add a touch of regality with a centerpiece cake decorated with intricate icing and edible flowers. Surround your desserts with fresh blooms and delicate lace doilies to enhance the Regency-era vibe. This lavish spread will delight your guests’ taste buds and be a stunning focal point for your sophisticated soirée.

Bridgerton-themed sugar cookies

Sweeten your event with these delightful Regency-era-themed sugar cookies. Decorate these charming treats with elegant designs inspired by Regency-era motifs, such as delicate lace patterns, ornate fans, and teacups. You can even add a touch of glamour with edible gold accents and pastel icing in soft, romantic hues.

DIY Rose and Lavender Ice Bucket for a Bridgerton party

Offer a variety of drinks in a fun DIY lavender and rose ice bucket, including tea, lemonade, wine, or champagne.

Fun activities

Keep your guests entertained with Regency-era activities:

  • Set up a croquet game or other lawn sports if your party is outdoors.
  • For an immersive experience, hire a dance instructor to teach traditional Regency dances like the quadrille or the cotillion.
  • Host a costume contest with categories like “Best Dressed” and “Most Authentic.” Offer Bridgerton-themed prizes like these fun T-shirts to winners.

Bridgerton-inspired games

Bridgerton Party Game Pack

Add some fun to your event with these Bridgerton-themed games:

  • Bridgerton party game pack
  • Society Bingo
  • Bridgerton Jeopardy
  • Guests guess Bridgerton characters based on descriptions or quotes.
  • Design a scavenger hunt with series-related clues and items, encouraging mingling and exploration.
  • Test your guests’ knowledge of the show with a trivia quiz, including questions about the plot, characters, and historical context.
Bridgerton party Photobooth idea

Regency-inspired photobooth

Create a photobooth with Regency-inspired props and backdrops. This lets guests capture memories and take home a piece of the party. Consider hiring a photographer for high-quality photos.

Party favors

Bridgerton Party Favors - Personalized drink stirrers

Send your guests home with these elegant party favor ideas:

Hosting a Bridgerton-themed party is a delightful way to celebrate a milestone in style. By focusing on details and incorporating elements from the Regency era, you can create an immersive and enchanting experience for your guests. Blend elegance, authenticity, and a touch of modern creativity to ensure your party is the talk of the town. Happy planning!

Planning a Bridgerton-inspired event? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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