Beach Bash Birthday Party

This looks like one Rockin’ Beach Party! Fun! This little girl’s mom wanted her to have one unforgettable bash, so she decided to rent space at Grapeland Water Park in the Miami, Florida area. This party theme, a Beach Bash Birthday Party, was inspired by Disney’s “Teen Beach Movie.” And what a bash it was!

Beach-Themed-Birthday-PartyThe birthday girl and her friends were treated in a very special way, just like “surfers and bikers”! The service was beyond excellent, not only taking care of everything imaginable but imparting such an individual touch and time.

Beach-Party-InvitationTo begin, invitations with the phrase, “Surfers & Bikers its Olivia’s 6th Birthday Party” were sent to each guest, giving it a feel of a story that was about to begin.

beach-themed-birthday-fun beach-themed-birthday beach-theme-tablescapeThe movie behind this party’s inspiration was used to give the celebration a colorful and fun background. Indeed, the atmosphere felt mind-blowing and extremely entertaining for all invitees! The entire park was designated for her 150 guests, where they had different options to choose from: two water slide pools, buccaneer river (Lazy River), overhead spray wet zones, Shipwreck Island, lookout towers, reclining lounges, shade trees, showers, lockers, and much more. It was a fun and unique birthday celebration that all kids enjoyed!

beach-themed-surfboard-shop beach-candy beach-themed-detailsGoody bags, water bottles, and chocolates were delicately wrapped and carefully designed and displayed without losing the beach ambiance proper to Surfers & Bikers just like in the “Teen Beach” movie. Refined exquisite details surprised everyone, as a wide array of candies were offered including colorful gumballs, skittles, and Hershey’s chocolates.  

Beach-Cake birthday-beach-cakeAnd of course, there were a few beautiful cakes provided by Sweet Touch Cakes 

beach-volkswagonA vintage VW van and an original bike were set as decoration elements. The entire decor was provided and custom made by Chiquita Party Boutique.

beach-themed-birthday-detailsWhat an amazingly fun birthday party! This is one lucky little girl and it is sure to be a wonderful memory for many years to come.  Outstanding!

Credits & Resources

Cakes – Sweet Touch Cakes   //  Photography – Mirosleidys Pirela , Chiquita Party Boutique & Roberto Valladares   //  Party Decoration and Design – Chiquita Party Boutique  //  Cake Stand, Plates, Glass Jars – Home Goods  //  Straws – Shop Sweet Lulu  //  Car and motorcycle – Ross Stores

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