Awesome Super Bowl Party Ideas

awesome-superbowl-party-ideas-2Before you know it, the biggest sporting event of the year is going to be here! That's right, Super Bowl Sunday! We happen to love a good football game in this house and it has become somewhat of a tradition to hold a party every year for all of our close friends. It has gotten to be so much fun! What do I like best about it? It's a nice, laid back affair that all of the kids love being a part of. Everyone gets a kick out of watching the commercials almost as much as the game itself, and since it revolves around something on TV, you don't have to do too much to keep everyone entertained! Are you ready to find some Awesome Super Bowl Party Ideas for the big event this year? Look no further! From food and appetizers, to fun drink ideas and decorations, you'll find some great ideas below!

Food and Appetizers 

We all know the biggest thing about ANY football party is the FOOD!  From easy to elaborate, you'll find some delicious and eye-appealing ideas below!


1. Nothing screams football season more than chili! Check out this great Chili Recipe from Bon Appetit!  


2. So ya … Wings are the embodiment of football parties. They are a must! Check out this awesome Buffalo Wings Recipe from the Food Network!   


3. Sideline Smokies from Betty Crocker. How delicious do these little guys look? 


4. Make this Pizza Dip from the Smell Good Kitchen with some delicious garlic bread to use as dippers and people might just sit by the appetizer table all night!


5. These Football Pizza Pockets found at Party City sure look delicious! Pizza is such a big hit at football parties and these will be sure to make a splash, as well!


6. How cute are these Sweet and Spicy Deviled Eggs from My Recipes? I love the little football spin with the decorations on the top.It's perfect appetizer for your Super Bowl Party!


7. These Football Bites found from Gimme Some Oven are so cute! Check out the tricks to make your little cheese footballs and you'll have people drooling over your cute creativity!


8. OK, so this is the motherload. Who wants to have the best Super Bowl Party ever? The "Snackadium", from Home and Heart DIY is about the coolest thing I've ever seen for a football party! Check out this tutorial and see how easy it really can be! And I love how you can really customize this into anything you want, regarding what goes into it!


9. Individual Seven-Layer Dip Cups from The Girl Who Ate Everything is such a cue idea! I love that this is something everyone can take on an individual basis and by putting it in the plastic cups, you don't have to worry about doing tons of dishes with it!


10. This PigSkin Cheese Ball found at is one football party appropriate appetizer!  Delicious!


11. A great idea for a Super Bowl party are Mini Sliders, which were found at Party City. I personally love that you can make them as elaborate or as easy as you want and everyone will love them! Maybe even a few different kinds would be appropriate for your party!


12. These Mini Mexican Pizzas from True Life Kitchen are another great individual appetizer that will be a party favorite!


13. Looking for some sweet treat ideas? Check out these Football Cake Bites from Baked With Love And Butter. They're great for your themed event and easy to make!


14. OK, who wouldn't love these gorgeous Chocolate Strawberry Footballs from Domestic Fits?!?!  How adorable! I don't think anyone is going to get away with just trying one. Yum!


15. These Double Chocolate Football Cupcakes from The Baker Chick look like heaven! And they are surprisingly easy to make!  

Drink Ideas

Wondering what to offer at your family-friendly party? Look no further than the awesome ideas below!


16. These Football Mason Jars from Good Housekeeping are a quick and easy addition to any Super Bowl Party. The kids and adults will love it, and with some washi tape, you'll knock these out in no time before the big event.


17. Looking for a kid favorite? Check out these Football Themed Juice Boxes from Catch My Party. What a great DIY project. Just grab some construction paper and washi tape, or even some thin liquid eraser and you're on your way!


18. These Super Bowl Cocktail Glasses from She Knows are super cute! And if you don't feel like having lots of glasses to wash after your big event, or don't have as many glasses as you need, feel free to do this with plastic cups and a black permanent marker! Be creative!


19. These Gridiron Punch tags from For Rent are great for a drink to serve at your Super Bowl event. The link includes an area where you can find the FREE printables, and of course, you will see the recipe, as well. How fun!


20. How about The Scorpion Bowl from Brit at your Super Bowl party?! The link will give you a great recipe for your event that will be specific for the adults, but you could easily make another bowl that will be non-alcoholic for the kids or non-drinkers at your event. I love this!

Decorations and DIY Projects

Finally, what is a Super Bowl party without a few great football-themed decorations and DIY Projects? Get started now and you're sure to have a wildly successful party that is sure to be the winner!


21. OK, at our parties, the commercials are some of the favorite parts of the entire event! So when I saw this game – Rate the Commercials from Studio DIY, I knew it had to be included! You'll find FREE printables to use and all you'll have to do is assemble them for everyone at the party. What a fun idea!


22. Looking for another game to keep everyone (even those people who attend who don't really like football) entertained for the whole game? How about this Super Bowl "Fish Bowl" Game from Frugal Family Times? Check out the link and get the instructions and printables and watch everyone have a blast!


23. This Super Bowl Party Bingo game from Catch My Party will be a hit for the kids or the adults. Include things that you are waiting to see over the commercials, or make it game specific, and everyone will have a blast waiting to shout out BINGO!


24. This DIY Football Field Party Table idea from A Night Owl Blog is so cute and really easy! Check out the directions and tutorial and get to work on the perfect DIY project for your party!


25. These FREE Football Printables and DIY Chalkboard Backdrop found over at Lil' Luna will be the perfect compliments to your Super Bowl decorations. What a great way to top everything off!

Hopefully your team will be the one in the big game, but if not, at least you know you will have a fun time with these awesome tips and ideas for your big Super Bowl bash! What is your favorite Super Bowl ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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