50 Shades of Fun


What happens when a few classy, but literature-loving ladies get a night away … 50 Shades of Fun? Styled in the bedroom, all party food (and beverages) were related to the insanely popular book series and were labeled cleverly with e-mails to and from Ana and Christian, themselves. Some not to miss details include actual photos of “THE ESCALA” taken by a party-goer when in Seattle on a “work” trip and a collection of six Ana-inspired photos … just like Jose would take. All articles of clothing remained on, but some infamous apparel appeared on the floor of the party including ripped jeans, a plum dress, and a red-heeled pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. Don’t miss the three iconic cover items: a tie, a mask, and handcuffs. It was a night of all hearts and flowers! The food was displayed on Ana’s nightstand, Christian’s nightstand, or the bed.

Christian’s nightstand included:

Christian’s cupcakes – Red room Velvet topped with mini handcuffs

Hard Candy Limit mints and Soft Taffy Limit sweets in apothecary jars

Molded chocolate keys labeled “I want to show you my playroom”

Chocolate ‘whip’ licorice, hidden in the chest of drawers

Ana’s nightstand included:

Ana’s cupcakes – Vanilla, of course, served on a laptop

French Vanilla Bean ice cream served in mini glasses … think Ana’s apartment

My 50 Shades cake pops

On the Bed:

Mini wine bottles with grey striped straws – It seems like they never stopped drinking the stuff?!?

Dream worthy strawberries with toppings

A mini birthday cheesecake topped with a very special silver charm bracelet

Safe word popsicles served in champagne – Thanks Hostess with the Mostess for the inspiration!!!

“Stop biting your lip” gloss favors for all the ladies in attendance

On the dresser:

Seattle sea-salt chips

Barefoot wine

Iced-tea (come on… it’s summer and too hot for the real stuff)!

And … a 3-foot long SUB sandwich


Credits & Resources

All items were store bought or made by the Dom’s (sorry, I mean hostess’ friends)! 

Charm Bracelet: BrulezRulez | Printables: The Tomkat Studio

Thank you for sharing Mrs. Robinson!



  1. The attention to detail for this party is AMAZING!!!! Love making the connections to the books. Nicely Done, Mrs. Robinson!

  2. I love your ideas. Having a party myself next month. I was wondering where you purchased the mini cuffs and lip gloss?

  3. Did u order ther printables or are they a free download somewhere? Having a get together in two weeks and love them!

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