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Black Friday shopping is a great way to get awesome deals on your Christmas gifts. Many people make their Black Friday shopping trip with family and friends a tradition! If you’re new to going out on Black Friday or don’t have a  game plan for your shopping trip just yet, you need to get prepared now! Preparation is key to finding the best deals. Check out this info graphic on how to prepare for Black Friday from Office Depot.


Are you planning your Black Friday shopping trip? With only a few more days left before the biggest shopping day of the year, check out our 12 tips to prepare for Black Friday!

1. Set a budget. Setting up a budget and sticking to that budget will help you not overspend on your holiday shopping. Knowing how much you can spend will help prepare you for what you can buy and what deals you can to snag on Black Friday.

2. Prepare your shopping list. Make your list and check it twice! Make sure to put your most important items on the top of your list, especially if there’s an awesome deal for it!

3.  Read and compare Black Friday ads. Many ads are already leaked online, so you can see who has the best deals on your top items.

4. Start shopping early! Many retailers have great deals before Black Friday, so make sure you compare the sales before Black Friday, so you don’t miss the best deal on the items you’re looking for.

5. Decide if you are going to go out to the stores on Black Friday or if you are going to shop online. Many times, retailers have better door busters online!

6. Think of a game plan. Decide on what you’re willing to do to get the best deals. Ask yourself if you are willing to wait in line for hours, or in some cases, days! Have a plan for what time you want to be in line and what store you will be hitting first.

7. Bring sales ads with you for the stores you are planning to visit.

8. Avoid unplanned purchases. Stick to your game plan and buy only what’s on your list. This will help you avoid impulse spending and going over your budget.

9. Research what stores will price match to save time and money.

10. Use store cards for stores that give extra savings for using their store card. Now, I’m not saying to go out and max out your credit cards, but if you’re looking for maximum savings then using your store card maybe a great option for getting the best deal.

11. Visit the first store you will be shopping at on Black Friday a few days early to see where your items will be in the store. This way, you will be able to go straight to the most important item on your shopping list.

12. Be a polite shopper. Snagging some awesome deals on things you are dying for can turn a nice person into one of those shoppers you hear of on the news. Please don’t let Black Friday get the best of you and be polite and courteous to other shoppers. I mean, it is the holidays! Happy shopping!

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