10 Travel-Ready Recipes


Summer is here, the perfect time to enjoy the warm weather and get away with your family and friends. Whether your vacation consists of a picnic in the park, day at the beach, or camping in the woods, food will definitely be a necessity.

The experts at Taste of Home – America’s largest cooking magazine – have put together tips for 10 travel-ready recipes that are easy to make, easy to pack and best of all, won’t break the bank!

So skip the rip-off rest stop snacks, overpriced amusement park grub and start packing.

Here are 10 tips for travel-ready recipes from Taste of Home:
  • Opt for bringing along foods that can be eaten cold or at room temperature; this way you don’t have to worry about warmer temps and food safety.
  • Freeze a bunch of juice boxes the night before your trip. They’ll provide double duty by keeping your packed food cool and can be enjoyed as a drink as well.
  • Make sure foods are actually portable and pack easily in a cooler, insulated bag, or basket. Small to medium food-safe containers with lids work best to keep foods fresh and items won’t get smashed in packing.
  • Fill a few small sandwich bags with frozen peas and refreeze. Toss them in your cooler or insulated bag to keep your packed items cool.
  • Take your favorite smoothie in a thermos; it can double as an on-the-go breakfast food if you’re a traveling early bird.
  • A container of grape tomatoes, salty olives from the salad bar at your favorite market, and slices of smoky cheese are the perfect snack to munch on while on the road. Eat them with a big chunk of crusty baguette and make it a meal!
  • Make your own snack mix with dried mangos, sweet dates, crunchy pumpkin seeds and a good sprinkle of your favorite spice mix for an energy-boosting treat.
  • Make portable stuffed pita pockets: slice up some rotisserie chicken, and then toss with dressing and lettuce. Or, make a fresh green salad of your choice and toss in some dried fruit. Lightly drizzle with your favorite vinaigrette then wrap up in a tortilla and foil.
  • Make a few items that you’d typically serve at a tailgating party that are ready to eat straight out of the cooler; they’ll probably be just as great for your on-the-road adventures. Examples include: make-ahead skewers are easy to pull together and eat if you don’t have plates handy or try a hearty pasta salad with vinaigrette instead of a mayo dressing – this travels well.
  • For an easy treat, pack up a bunch of homemade chewy bar cookies. They travel nicely, are easy to wrap, and don’t have the tendency to break like regular cookies might.

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