Little Miss Sunshine Party


Andrea of Sweet Bambinos styled this bright and beautiful Little Miss Sunshine Party for her daughter’s pool party. The dessert table included some of her daughter’s favorites: vanilla cake shooters, chocolate “brigadeiros“ (a Brazilian tradition for parties), mini chocolate nuggets, and popcorn. Andrea’s party must-have, sugar cookies from The Cookie Jar, were also among the desserts. To add a little variety to the dessert table, Andrea added lollipops, fruit salad cups, gumballs, and Tic Tacs for. Ice cream was also served to guests in personalized containers. The adorable labels were created by Sweet Bambinos. For the favors, cute buckets were filled with nail polish, lip gloss, sunglasses, band-aids, tattoos, stickers, and hand sanitizer …  all personalized with the party theme. Books, a personalized bookmark, pens and flip flops were also included.

Credits & Resources

Invitations, Printables, Styling & Gumball Containers: Sweet Bambinos | Cookies: The Cookie Jar | Little Miss Sunshine T-shirt: eBayIce Cream Cups: Garnish | Favors: Target (for most of the Mr. Men items) | Yellow Paper Suitcases: Shop Sweet Lulu | Paper Fans: Devra Party

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