DIY Holiday Treats

Christmas DIY treatsAre you planning a holiday party?! The Milk Shake Factory, a 99-year-old family-run chocolate company, is celebrating the holidays this year with their newest product Snappers. They created these fun and festive DIY Holiday Treats – perfect for your upcoming celebrations! Check out the recipes below. Snappers are available at your nearest Costco or online at Edward Marc.

DIY holiday treats reindeerSnappers Reindeer:

  • Start with a Snapper as the reindeer head
  • Melt 3 oz. of dark chocolate in a saucepan
  • Dip Snapper in chocolate and evenly coat with a spoon
  •  Attach two pretzel pieces at the top as antlers
  • Attach a butterscotch coin or Nilla wafer, as the base of the nose
  • Place a dot of chocolate on the wafer and attach a red candy for the nose
  • Add candy eyes with mini M&Ms

DIY holiday treats snowmanSnappers Snowman:

  • Begin with a Snapper as a base of the Snowman
  • Melt 3 oz. of white chocolate in a saucepan and evenly coat the Snapper with a spoon
  • While chocolate is still warm, coat the Snapper in coconut
  • Use a brown candy or melted dark chocolate for the eyes and smile
  •  Finally insert candy corn for the “carrot nose”

DIY holiday treats wreathSnappers Wreath:  

  • Cut a 12 inch circle out of cardboard
  • Cut out and remove the inner circle
  • Melt 5 oz. of dark, milk or white chocolate, dip the Snappers in chocolate and then dip into green or red sprinkles.
  • Allow 10 minutes to dry
  • Coat outer circular board with chocolate and attach Snappers to make the leaves of the  wreath
  • Decorate with starlite mints or other festive candies
  • Attach a ribbon made out of licorice to bottom half of wreath

DIY holiday treats treeSnappers Ornament:

  • Start with a Snapper as the base of the Christmas  tree
  • Melt 3 oz. of white chocolate in a saucepan
  • Dip Snapper in melted chocolate and evenly coat with a spoon, being careful to leave an area uncovered at the top where a hook or ribbon can be attached
  • While the white chocolate is still warm, attach alternating rows of red or green candies and sprinkles to resemble a Christmas bulb
  •  Allow 10 minutes to dry
  • Attach a ribbon or hook to hang on the Christmas tree


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