Preppy & Pink Clutch Giveaway


Preppy & Pink is giving away one gorgeous monogrammed clutch to one lucky winner! To see more of their gorgeous accessories, visit them on Facebook. These preppy clutches come in seven colors and include a delicate gold chain and can be worn as a crossbody. The clutch measures 11 x7 inches. All monograms will be in rounded script font as seen in the photo. Monogram color options include: Navy, Bubblegum, Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow, Aqua, Black, Brown, Green. Value $36.50


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  1. Diane Baum says:

    I couldn’t find any other products than the cute wallets, but love the pink one

  2. how can I choose just one?! Their products are all so fabulous. But…since I’m getting married in 3.5 weeks and still don’t have a cake topper, I’m always on the lookout – and I absolutely love the ustom Acrylic Monogram Cake Topper – Vine!

    • Congrats on your upcoming wedding Katy. What kind of topper are you looking for? If I come across any I will let you know. Did you try Etsy?

  3. Love the entire shop, their monogrammed bangles are gorgeous, also their coasters, sweet site.

  4. Jen Rios says:

    Love these clutches! Pink is my fave!

  5. How can I pick!! I love them all!! I honestly would love any of the colors.

  6. What a great prize! I love the hot pink and greeen – but it was so hard to choose!

  7. Mary Villasmil says:

    These are so chic. They are so unique and can add so much to an outfit 🙂

  8. The hand painted bracelets are cute.

  9. Kayla Costigliola says:

    The acrylic name plate is super cute!

  10. Sam Dunne says:

    The monogram clutches are too cute!!

  11. TRINITY BAINS says:

    Wow! So many fabulous things to buy. I really like the acrylic monogram script necklace. Very cute!

  12. Kaitlin Boles says:

    I love the personalized drink tin and of course these clutches are adorable! Thank you for allowing me to enter this giveaway! Good luck to everyone who has entered this giveaway!

  13. I love the pink clutches beautiful!

  14. meredith says:

    the Monogrammed Watch- Chevron Collection is so cute!

  15. Samantha says:

    I love every product on the website! How can you choose just one as a favourite? If I absolutely had to choose onw however,, it would have to be the handpainted blank & ponk monogrammed bangles! They are gorgeou! In fact… I might have to buy a set….

  16. Preppy Coasters Oceanside

  17. i am in l-o-v-e with the personalized beverage buckets!

  18. Maria Alvarado says:

    Great giveaway. Love the monogrammed clutches but cant decide on the color. All so cute.

  19. I like the Handpainted Monogrammed Bangles Aqua & Pink

  20. Katherine Streetman says:

    I loved the coasters, the key chains, but most of all the cake topper! It would be perfect for my future wedding. This blog is adorable and I will continue to follow it!

  21. Rachael Nash says:

    I love the pink one! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  22. Shannon seefeldt says:

    Love love these clutches, bubblegum is my choice.

  23. OH I LOVE these clutches!! I would pick the Navy or the Green…really like them both. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  24. Love, love, love the aqua clutch!!

  25. I Love everything at Preppy & Pink. I especially love the monogrammed clutch in black!

  26. Heather Acosta says:

    I love preppy & Pink’s monogrammed bracelets is one of my favorites! However, I love everything they have!!!

  27. Betty Bryan says:

    Love Love the clutches!! My favorite are the Aqua and the Yellow clutch!!
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  28. Katie Bryan says:

    I love the Custom Acrylic Monogram Key chain and the Fab clutches!!

  29. Jodi Brown says:

    I love this clutch! Especially the aqua color!

  30. Lindsey Langford says:

    How do I choose just 1 item? Torn between the clutch and bangle. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Happy Summer!

  31. love the brown clutch with pink! or the orange with pink! so many adorable options! x

  32. LOVE LOVE LOVE this site! Thanks for introducing- the monogrammed bangles are a must as well as the acrylic monograms for the home! In regards to the oh-so-chic clutches I must say I am a fan of the simple brown one which would go with anything! Best of luck to everyone! (fingers crossed)

  33. Shannon L. says:

    Love the brown. Also, love the monogram keychain from P&P

  34. I absolutely love the monogrammed bangles. I bought them to wear at my son’s 3rd birthday party….the party was navy and green chevron. They matched perfectly and I’ve never received so many compliments!!!!

  35. I love the clutch can’t decide what color.

  36. Amy Dalton says:

    Preppy Monogrammed Clutch is so cute! I also like the Preppy Coasters Green Lattice With Hot Pink. Lots of adoreablness!

  37. I love the monogram necklaces!

  38. Courtney Averett says:

    My favorite item are these clutches…they are just so cute! I’d love to have one!

  39. It is super hard to choose, but I love the navy clutch … with orange or pink initials! So fun!!!

  40. I like their Hand Painted Monogrammed Bangles Pink & Orange


  42. Kimberly Johnson says:

    I LOVE everything….the clutched are beautiful and I want one!!!

  43. Hannah Gibson says:

    I love the monogram clutch! It’s fantastic!

  44. I ‘be been wanting a clutch since they came out! Black with pink writing for me!

  45. Madeline says:

    I like the Acrylic Rimmed Script Monogram Necklace.

  46. Love the hot pink with aqua perfect!

  47. Tammy Hoffa says:

    I like Preppy coasters Avery Pink

  48. Picking just one favorite is far too difficult, they are all too beautiful, but if it has a monogram it is on the top of my list!


  49. Where do I start? Oh how I do adore so much!! The personalized beverage bucket, monogram stadium cups and monogram necklaces are among my faves =)

  50. i love the monogrammed watch amaze. so neat and different!

  51. Corinne Pike says:

    I love the pink clutch and the keychains are by far my favorite item!!

  52. Love the aqua monogram clutch!

  53. Samara Overturff says:

    Ahh, such cure stuff! I love the Hand Painted Monogrammed Bangles and the clutch!

  54. My favorite is the Acrylic Rimmed Script Monogram Necklace.

  55. I really like the monogrammed flip flops!

  56. Ashley Tucker says:

    Preppy Arbor Coasters Navy & Pink

  57. I like the ice cream theme party!

  58. The Hand Painted Monogrammed Bangles Pink & Orange

  59. Samantha K says:

    I like the chevron monogrammed watch the best. it’s sooo cute. I also love how all their products have a unizue style to them.

  60. Metal Script Monogram Necklace

  61. So hard to choose just one favorite! I love the clutches – the green is my favorite!

  62. Sarah K says:

    I’ve been needing a pink chevron ice bucket for my bar cart! Love!

  63. Teresa Hemsworth says:

    Love the personalized ice buckets!

  64. I love the clutches…but the monogrammed bangles are amazing also 🙂

  65. Custom Acrylic Silhouette Wall Art is my favorite. Would be beautiful to have on of my son. But the clutch in yellow and navy is beautiful! thanks!!!

  66. Love the bangles!! Omg I am happy I found this site, Perfect for my girls’ birthdays!

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